Hello and welcome to LOVEBOUND, the fanlisting collective of Amanda. This is the place where I store all my current, upcoming, pending and joined fanlistings... as well as fanlistings I'd love to own and keep in mind. If you're a fan of any of the topics I own, please make sure you join them!

A special thank you to Lorian for the beautiful layout <3

I own a total of 6 fanlistings with 0 upcoming. There are a total of 13 members listed across the collective and 0 fans waiting to be added.

site updates

November 21, 2023 - Welcome to the official first version of Lovebound! The layout was created by none other than my good friend Lorian and I absolutely love it and hope everyone else does as well! In fanlisting news, I've opened the fanlistings for Jungkook and j-hope! I've also applied for, possibly, another BTS member and Sylvia Plath. Fingers crossed!